Big Rig


Director, Cinematographer and Editor: Doug Pray
Producer: Brad Blondheim
Executive Producers: Kirt Eftekhar and Randy Wooten
Assistant Camera/Sound/Lighting: Jim Dziura
Graphic Design, Maps and Titles by: Tomorrow’s Brightest Minds
Music by: Buck 65

WASHINGTON POST Desson Thomson "BIG RIG is a morally immersive embrace of the life of the trucker, not some Hollywood celebration of good ol' boys on the road. Watch this movie, meet these very real people, and you'll never look at a passing 18-wheeler the same way again."


"BIG RIG" is a broad portrait of modern America as seen through the eyes of long-haul truck drivers. Spanning 21,000 miles, 45 states, and dozens of truck stops, director Doug Pray and producer Brad Blondheim (the team who created "SCRATCH") went far beyond just the chrome and coffee culture and made a film that delves deeply into the lives and struggles of these working-class heroes, who literally, carry the nation upon their backs.

From the opening scene at New York City's Hunt's Point Market, to California's San Joaquin Valley, BIG RIG is the ultimate road-trip movie about a group of fiercely independent souls, who, according to one driver, "represent the last of the spirit of the American cowboy." Underlying their stories is the reality that every item you own was delivered by truck and if truckers staged a strike, within 48 hours, this entire nation would grind to a halt. Yet, drivers face skyrocketing gas prices, government interference, corporate take-over of their industry, and a highly unsympathetic public full of "four-wheelers" who more often give the finger, than the right-of-way.

BIG RIG was shot in four, two-week periods and was the result of random, documentary-style "casting" of real truckers at truckstops from coast to coast. Director Doug Pray, who also shot the movie, and Producer Brad Blondheim would fish for interviews, and ride with the drivers for two to ten hours. One assistant, Jim Dziura, helped with lighting and sound. While their stories unfold, the entire country seems to fly by outside the window. The result is a poetic blend of scenery, character, and commerce.

Except for a handful of classic '70s trucking tunes, the music for the entire film was written and performed by Buck 65, an artist whose blend of country-roots music, spoken lyrics, and solid beats create a signature sound for "BIG RIG" and drive the editorial narrative to a high degree.