Art & Copy

Directed by Doug Pray
Produced by Jimmy Greenway and Michael Nadeau
Executive Producers: Mary Warlick, David Balwin, Kirk Souder, Gregory Beauchamp
Director of Photography Peter Nelson
Edited by Philip Owens
Music by Jeff Martin
A presentation of The One Club
Distributed by PBS / 7th Art Releasing

2010 EMMY AWARD WINNER: Outstanding Arts & Culture Programming



ART & COPY is about advertising and creativity, and their profound effects on modern culture. Like Dorothy pulling back the curtain on the Wizard of Oz, the film intimately reveals the relatively unknown personalities and ideas of many of the most influential advertising creatives of our time. Beginning with the "Creative Revolution" of the mid-1960s (Bill Bernbach), the film features writers and artists such as Lee Clow, who introduced the Macintosh computer in "1984"; Dan Wieden, who coined "Just Do It" and changed our perception of sports; Hal Riney, whose voice and emotional ads helped re-elect a president; Phyllis K. Robinson, who helped invent the "Me Generation" with a tagline; George Lois, who made Tommy Hilfiger an overnight success; Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein who "Got Milk?," and Mary Wells Lawrence, who oversaw the City of New York's "I Love NY" campaign. By defying convention, these creatives brought a revolutionary spirit to their work from within an industry more typically associated with mediocrity and manipulation. ART & COPY interweaves their stories with mesmerizing imagery of communications satellites being launched with some of the greatest ad campaigns of all time, resulting in a dynamic synthesis of art, commerce and human emotion.  If advertising is the cave painting of our era, ART & COPY is ultimately about our innate, human need to communicate and tell stories.